Where is the tallest Dogwood Tree in Illinois

Dogwood Trees are beautiful this time of year

This is the tallest and possibly the oldest in the state of Illinois.

It is located in this tiny little town, or possibly village, of Texico Illinois. If you blink you will surely miss the town. The only physical reminder is the "bump" from crossing the railroad tracks on your way back to the interstate.

I only live a couple of miles from this place and I love it. I do miss the city from time to time, but not as much as I used to.

I'm going to start taking photography a little more seriously now and appreciate all the things I can photograph that are right in my back yard. This is proof that you can find beauty in the most unusual places.... even a cemetary.

Enough talk... bring out your dead... I mean dogwood!

Dogwood Tree in Texico Illinois Close up image of Dogwood Tree in Texico Illinois Dogwood Tree in Texico Illinois Cloudy Sky and Dogwood Tree in Texico Illinois Fill the frame with Dogwood Tree in Texico Illinois

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