This Midwest Town could have been in Mad Men!

This was my afternoon walk around the small town of Mount Vernon, Illinois.

I know... Click-Bait title, but just look at our 50's to 70's style buildings. It really could have been used to film some of the series. I was in a business the other day that had an office that was just like the one in Mad Men! It was awesome!

It's interesting to see some of them and how the real building has been covered with vinyl siding and other "modern" materials. I get the low maintainence aspect of it, but the old wood stuff is just too cool.

Enjoy the day... you never know when it's the last one.


Beautiful wood siding under the vinyl Elks original building in Mount Vernon, Illinois Back side of Community first bank in Mount Vernon, Illinois Old Church in Downtown Mount Vernon, Illinois Old Office building in downtown Mount Vernon, Illinois Church Stained Glass in downtown Mount Vernon, Illinois Downtown Mount Vernon, Illinois sidewalk

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