My first Airbnb Trip

Airbnb rocks...

Just got home last night from a weekend photography trip to Chicago. The trip was a spur of the moment trip for me and a photographer friend of mine. We've been wanting to get away on a short weekend for some time and just relax.

If you are a photographer, pro or wanna-be pro, you understand that having your family around is not always the best for shooting stuff. I enjoy a slower pace of strolling through the city than would be allowed by my wife and three kids, so it was off to Chicago with a friend who is as slow as me.

We decided to rent a small house in the Lincoln Park area just North of downtown. We were right down the street from DePaul University. It's a cool, hip and very young neighborhood. The only issue was the sub-zero weather. (It is Chicago in Feb)

Here are a couple snaps from the trip:

Here the the Airbnb listing if any of you are interested:

The Rectory

Chicago, IL, United States
This loft style coach house was the former rectory for our converted church. It's a full detached home and dedicated guest/rental unit. A second 2 bedroom is also available next door.
Vacation Home Rentals in Chicago

I would stay there again!



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