Found: Interesting website with photos!

This is Backyard Bill and I found it really interesting.... This is one of those sites where you will spend at least 30 minutes for no »

Logo Design costs and how to price your work

Having trouble pricing your work? Not sure how people will feel about it... This is an interesting price list from a really cool dude across the »

Holidays.... Meh.... Not!

Southern Illinois is a weird place for the Holidays. We are far enough to the South of Chicago that we don't belong with them. We are »

Postgres Install "FUBAR"

Postgres Gem Won't Install on Mac 10.10 Here is the setup: I just cloned a github project in my desktop for review. I ran bundle »

Solar Timelapse!

This is just amazing! Go subscribe to James Tyrwhitt-Drake's youtube channel. The video below is awesome! »

Illinois: Vote early... Vote Often!

Today was my day. I voted today! Hurray! This is one of the things that I think we should all be excited about. We are so »

To Ruby or not?

Sitting here thinking about my journey with Ruby. I started out with Ruby on Rails and found out really quickly that I needed to have a »

Yosemite Upgrade Tips

Is it time for you to Upgrade? Yosemite is cool and has lots of interesting features, but that's not the point of this short article.... I »

Photography on the Tilt

24mm Tilt Shift This was my first time using a tilt-shift lens. It was a lot more difficult that I thought it would be. Come on »