Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Here are a couple more photos from Santa Rosa Beach Florida. This is a really nice beach. I'm pretty sure that it's the nicest beach I've »

Vacation Love

I'm on vacation! So... Photos only! We are staying at this really nice home that is rented through this website 360 Blue Properities. The people have »

Antique School House Lights and Globes

The building renovations continue! This is going to be a short update! Progress is slower than I would like. Life and other work seems to get »

Lights and Globes

OK... So I finished carrying all the doors from my building down the stairs and into the basement for storage. 40 doors down three flights of »

114 North 9th Street Photos

The building I purchased a few years ago is finally getting some upgrades! It's a 100 plus year old retail storefront in downtown Mt. Vernon, IL »