DC Comics Colors

This is an interesting look at the colors used in DC Comics. I really love the limitations imposed by the color choices back in the 30's »

GOP Debate

People can't seem to make it look easy anymore. The Republican debate a couple of nights ago was a disaster. I don't mean the candidates, but »

Rend Lake Photos

Out of the office! Some Days you just need to get out and breath. I took this morning to drive down to Rend Lake. It's about »

Canon 2x

Who needs a 2x entender? This is a quick couple of shots with my new canon 2x extender and my 70-200 mm f2.8 lens. Nothing »

Local Music is cool!

Music is universal -- Finding cool music is hard There are a few local bands that I really like. The ones that are cool and not »

Rend Lake Dam

This is a quick shot I made while going for a walk around the Rend Lake Dam in Benton Illinois. Sometimes it't just about getting out »