Lights and Globes

OK... So I finished carrying all the doors from my building down the stairs and into the basement for storage. 40 doors down three flights of »

114 North 9th Street Photos

The building I purchased a few years ago is finally getting some upgrades! It's a 100 plus year old retail storefront in downtown Mt. Vernon, IL »

Found: Interesting website with photos!

This is Backyard Bill and I found it really interesting.... This is one of those sites where you will spend at least 30 minutes for no »

Logo Design costs and how to price your work

Having trouble pricing your work? Not sure how people will feel about it... This is an interesting price list from a really cool dude across the »

Holidays.... Meh.... Not!

Southern Illinois is a weird place for the Holidays. We are far enough to the South of Chicago that we don't belong with them. We are »